Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The last lunch

Italian food on the Menu. Today's lunch was at La Nonna.
La Nonna meaning "The Grandmother" , serves traditional Italian country crusine, much like how a grandmother would cook it lovingly for the family. Smacked in the middle of bungalows of Namly Place, sits this quaint little restaurant. They have one at Holland Village too.

Current promotions are 3 course set lunches at $22++ and 50% off ala-carte for weekday lunches
lunchtime: 12noon-2pm

La Nonna 

Love the literal brick and mortar feel of this cosy little restaurant. See the teletubby looking chimney in the mirror? That is where the pizzas are baked and delivered to your tummies

*swooning over the vintage lamps and crockery display*

I selected Pappardelle to feed my little tummy. Pappardelle, pronounced as par-par-day-lay. are flat pieces of ribbons, which we singaporeans would better know them as ban-mian (; 

Homemade parpardelle pasta served with truffle sauce and chicken liver sauce

The pasta was really springy, and it was an interesting mix between the truffle sauce and the chicken liver. Definitely an exotic dish that don't frequent the menus of pasta places outside. 

We also ordered Neva, squid ink pizza for sharing. It was a interesting mix, considering most places have squid ink pasta on their menu but not pizza. I like the ink, but not so much of the pizza dough itself as it was pretty tough. But nevertheless, it was an interesting dish.

I stole the sausage and cheese pizza from my colleague. And it is also probably the last lunch that I will do that. Cos today is his last day in the company.

And it is with such a heavy heart as he is such a bubbly person to hang out with.

Hello kitty painting and wolfberries

His farewell presents for me. A really really thoughtful gesture that really warmed my heart as he knew that I adore Hello Kitty. And fancy a guy doing hand painting :p 

And the wolfberries, are what I diligently eat every morning, and often, forget to. He actually remembers my complaints and bought me a can to stock up in office.

Oh well kitty, now, it is just you and me.