Thursday, September 27, 2012

Crazy studs

rose gold studded black top. cotton on. lace skirt. fareast. brown blazer. gifted

rose gold studded top. cotton on. jeans shorts. scape fea. assorted bracelets. taiwan and cotton on
Wore it for work in the day, and just changed into shorts and layered with bracelet for a simple dinner with le bf

A short outfit post featuring my latest GREAT buy!

Great is an understatement. it should be AWESOME!

snagged this great deal at

$30 NOPE
$20 NOPE
$10 NOPE

so excited I couldn't spell!

It all happened when I met up for dinner with T lately, and she excitedly told me about her great buy at Cotton on! a $3.50 top! And i'm like OMG I wanna see!

and after she showed me, I went, OMG I wanna buy!

So we headed back to ransack the good deals at Cotton on and I phsychoed her to get this top in cream white. I mean, its only $3.50! and white and studs are also pretty! though black and studs show better contrast, this is only $3.50. And it is so easy to match.

It was really like a deal tht's so good I wanted to cry. No kidding!

I also got 2 other pieces, skater skirt in black and zebra prints as I long wanted a skater skirt but most of them are either too pricy or too short. But with the amazing 30% off storewide at cotton on, the skirts are a good deal!

This is NOT a sponsored post ( though I wished it is. sniff)

Shall post the outfit photos featuring my new loot soon!