Saturday, September 01, 2012

KL Trip 2nd & 3rd day

Early in the morning at 7plus am, the men in my house were up, and their tummies were screaming for food by 8am. So off we went, to check out the complimentary hotel buffet breakfast. As you can tell, I'm not really awake :p

And so,here are my 2 hungry men
Up early in the morning.
Hotel's breakfast was pretty... simple as you can see from the selection.

Dad with the watch I bought him last Xmas 

Me: wah your watch so nice. Who buy for you?

Dad: 宝贝咯

hehehhe, as the first round of breakfast wasn't satisfactory, we went in search of, 2nd breakfast!

Look what we found! 美心点心- a traditional looking dim sum place around the corner of our hotel (Caliber Hotel) and decided to check it out. The place was really packed and so I reckon the food must be pretty awesome.

Har Gao (Prawn dumpling), Chicken's feet, Chee Cheong Fan, Spare ribs and Fried Carrot Cake

Needless to say, just from the expression of my elated king and the remains of the food, our tummies are happily satisfied. We ordered a few dishes to try as my cousin's bf wanted to bring us to his helper's house for lunch since it is Hari Raya. So we had to keep some spaces for our tummies.

I really liked the chee cheong fan as the char siew inside tasted really like meat, the real kind of meat. Unlike back in Singapore where the char siew can taste like preserved meat. And I must say the carrot cake is really special. Crispy and nice and you can taste the tiny pieces of carrots


This snap shot was from the 3rd day when my family returned for more dim sum. But I really think its cute and clever how they section the separate dishes according to the price and just indicate for every additional dish. This makes settling the bill so much easier and faster!

We had our 3rd round of breakfast when my cousin's bf,K came as my brother and his gf have not had any food yet ( but we had 2 rounds before. oh my, what gluttons we are)

My tummy was pretty much full and I just had milo ping gao. Totally heavenly for the sweltering morning sun. Not to mentioned that I was 'misled' by my colleagues that it was gonna be cold at Bukit Tingghi ( the place we will be heading on later in the afternoon) and I was cladded in long sleeve. And my bf also ended up wearing long sleeve pullover


My cousin and I <3

I hardly get to see her around since we are 2 states apart. But every year when we meet (once), I still feel close to her. Perhaps it is because I am only older than her buy a mere 2 days 

Fringe top. Bugis. Mustard high waisted. Chatuchak. Vintage brown sling. Orchard. Shades. raybans
Vintage gold watch. gifted

My outfit for the day. Couldn't take the heat and started pushing up my sleeves.


And here we are, our fourth and final stop for breakfast

Being Hari Raya, K's helper invited us to her place for food. And 


The food is really good. I love the fried chicken rings. The marination is so awesome, and that chicken rendang.


I am not usually a fan of malay food. But. this is awesome. Period. It is not too spicy, yet spicy enough to feel the heat, and the concoction of the sauce is almost to purrfection. And even my fussy king is so satisfied with him. He couldn't resist eating more.

Look at how happy the food has made him

Last 2 pictures before we continue our trip to Bukit Tinghhi.

Our last 2 pictures at Tesco for the last stop to get some refreshments before we hit the roads to Bukit  Tingghi

At Bukit Tingghi! 

Ice cream treats for ourselves even though we wrongly hiked up Japanese Village when we were supposed to head to French Village. Oops :p


As you can tell from the architecture, we have finally reached our destination!

Let the photos do the talking (;

Hi dad <3 ugly!

It's bubbles time! we all love bubbles, don't we(;

psst, love the manmade bubbles effect 

Aftermath of the bubbles attack


Happy 7 months love (:

A really nice change of destination to explore in M'sia (apart from the usual Genting or Malacca trips), for a short relaxation trip, to immerse in an environment of different architecture.

Tickets are priced 16RM per head per entrance to Bukit Tingghi which amongst the Japanese Village and French Village, houses a mini zoo. But due to time constraints since we onl reached in the afternoon, we zoomed straight in to the French Village.

It is located about 1.5hours drive from KL, and if you want, you can also stay at the hotels there!
Check out this website for more information about Bukit Tingghi!

We ended the day with some shopping at Times Square Mall back in KL, drinks at Star bucks ( love the green tea frappe) and desserts from Sweet Hut Cafe.

Tummy resting in the morning on our 3rd day! (:

Morning tea in the traditional cuppa.

and my cousin's bf brought us to Kenangan Wholesale City for shopping! yayy so happy!

remember this top that I posted from my outfit's post?
This is the top I bought from 

Kenangan Wholesale City
Jalan Gelugor
55200 Kuala Lumpur

I also bought a tiger face tunic (; Show you guys next time when I have the chance to wear it

We finished our day with warm egg custard and guilin gao before heading back to Singapore

I love short trips!

Where do you guys go for your short trips?