Monday, September 10, 2012

kitty roars & quacks

Tiger tunic.KL.White shorts.Zara. YSL inspired ring. gold cuff. H&M hongkong. shades.raybans

Totally in love with the tiger tunic. its like so ROARRRS, and I love the comfy material

Finally went to Saveur on saturday!

I have read many reviews and raves about this little French cafe.
And off we went!

We ordered Duck confit, Angelhair pasta with cherry shrimps and cream of cauliflower!

OH I love the duck confit, its crispy duck skin and tasty marination


And the sauteered mushrooms taste soooo good. I didn't know mushrooms can be that tasty! Even the mash potato is soft and buttery enough. Love it! Love the fusion of the taste of the savory duck and juicy orange

Cream of Cauliflower was quite interesting! different from the usual cream of mushroom. Liked it that the portion was small if not I would prolly get sick of it.

Last but not least, the angelhair pasta!

I must say the portion of the dishes there in generally are quite small,but in consideration of the reasonable prices, they are quite alright. Most of the taste lies in the cherry shrimps, which accompanied by the  angelhair pasta, is a pretty good combination, and its a mere $3.99( i think)

The total bill (which includes a glass of coke not shown in the picture) came up to only $24.

A real good deal for french crusine eh (;

And le bf and I are small eaters. We would so much wanna try the desserts nx time! They look really good!

psst, I read that this place is crazily crowded during weekends dinners, so I would recommend saturday lunches at say 1.30pm. We reached at 2pm and there wasn't much crowd. hehe.

Bulldozed right in for comfort food (;

5 Purvis Street
#01-04 S188584
(Near to national library)

Opening hours: Lunch 12-3pm Last order (2.45pm) 
by based on personal experience, the waitress told us at 2pm that the last order was in 10 mins time!
Dinner 6-9.30pm Last order(9.30pm)
walk in customers only