Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kombi vrooooms

It's been more than a month since le bf sold away his car. But for these 2 weeks, I would have more chances for cafe exploration. yayys! cos he's buddy is away in Europe for a holiday with his gf and my bf gets to drive his car (:

So for our dinner last friday, we decided to do some cafe exploration near our place at 

Kombi rocks

This little cafe that can probably house 40-60 people including the outdoors was well furnished with vintage decoration. Love the old school wooden tiles, beatles posters in a simple frame, and random vintage bikes and bicyles in the cafe.

I really like the old-school cursive wordings of the couple, finished with a pink heart in the beatles photo.

Somehow I was very proud of my little observation that the words are arranged in the manner of guy ♥  girl,but when I said it, I said girl ♥ guy

OH dear. whats happening to my brain! It doesn't synchronise with what i wanna say

A pity we came in the evening and it was raining that night, thus they covered up the vintage pink van that sits outside the cafe ): 

We ordered mee goreng($6), fish maw soup ($13) and red wine chicken wings ($15)

The mee goreng was average, nothing very fantastic, but it was alright considering the price and the ambience(: We noticed that quite alot of other customers ordered that too.

 Red wine chicken wings were supposed to be one of the signature dishes in the cafe, but perhaps we were too full from the fish maw soup we couldn't really appreciate much of it. 

I really really love the fish maw soup, as I seldom get to drink this dish outside. But the servings were pretty huge for the 2 of us. I think there were a total of 8 small bowls! The first 2 bowls tasted really really good, but as our stomachs got filled with other foodies, the taste kinda diminished towards the end. As what I used to learn from econs, diminishing margin of returns. hahaha!

Thus this serving would be optimum for 4!

This is such a cool dessert advertisement! but we were too full.
Perhaps we would try it next time

Time for a haircut!

Anybody wants a ride? (;

66 Yio Chu Kang Road
Singapore 545568

*make a reservation to save on the waiting time (;

we went on a rainy friday night thus there was lesser crowd