Saturday, September 29, 2012

Strawberry chou chou

Sneaks of my outfit post coming up below.

Last sunday, I was invited to my kindergarden's friend matrimony (:
it's so fast how time passes, when it we held hands and skipped down the kindergarden class alley, when we celebrated our birthdays together in class, when we knocked our butts together as we walked, when it was first day in my primary school and I was so sad cos I thought I can't get to see her again, and that burst of joy when I see her sitting at the Q of my P1 class

Congratulations my dear friend, I am so happy for you to have found true love and to be there to witness your holy matrimony

floral tunic. bugis. nude pumps with studs and ribbon. bugis. shades. raybans. bag prada

Met le bf for lunch at Choupinette after hearing many raves about it

Brunch set comes with any fruit juice and any hot drink! yayys

I chose hot choco and orange juice

Love the coloured chalk on the chalkboard. Just like primary school classes

super cute sugar packs in a tarnished watering can

Baskets of breads and pies. Most of the pies were sold out by the time we reached them in the afternoon

Love the french deco of this cosy little cafe


Eggs Royal for me! which features smoked salmon and poached eggs in hollandiase sauce.Love the fusion of the salty smoked salmon with natural taste of the egg, topped with creamy hollandiase

Le bf had quiche in spinach and bacon, finished with salad tossed with balsamic vinegar and mayo ( i think!) The quiches were lovely but it was too big of a slice for us! We should have just ordered one slice of quiche ala carte instead of the set ( 2 slices of quiche and salad)

As we were about to stand up to foot our bill, the waiter came and gave us a dessert. On the house!
I was quite disappointed initially as it just looked like one fluff of bread and I was secretly hoping to have yummy cakes.

But this fluffy ball is delicious! The soft pastry literally melting into my mouth as I sank my teeth into it. It was really yummy and not the tough bread-like texture I was expecting. And the best part. it has strawberry jam inside. yummmsss.

But they were a tad too generous with the servings of icing sugar.It was like..

snowing fluffyball!

oops caught on the camera

Snowing fluff ball is actually strawberry chou chou!

Le bf and I were still speculating why we had complimentary dessert. Was it because of the long q? or was it because we changed seats to allow a bigger group to dine in by joining 2 tables. Or was it that they almost gave us the wrong idea? Or was it that my tunic was too pretty? Le bf guessed that maybe they thought I was a food blogger cos I was happily snapping photos away. haha

but who cares! we had complimentary yummy desserts!

607 Bukit Timah Road 269708
6466 0613

Next to Coronation plaza (facing the roadside)